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Platinum Level: $1000 or more

Susan and Russ Ginise
John & Brookly Rosen

Chris & Christy Charvat


Gold Level: $500-$999

Jerry Young & Mandy John 

David & Stacy Dickson

April Wilson

The Locher Family

Geoffrey Hiler & James Brey

Don & Kris Charlton

Courtney & Aaron Van Ostran

The Purvis Family

Silver Level: $250-$499

Al & Jeanne Bolton 

Barbara Fultner

Ryan Squire

Aaron & Sarah Clark

Kristine & Devin Fuhrman 

The O’Keefe Family

The Sanders Family

The Chanda Family

Harold & Jennifer Silverman 

Karla Shockley McCarthy

Isabelle & Andy Thatcher 

Lindsey & Lili McCutchan

Sam & Heidi Schnaidt

John Hunter & Karen Goodell 

Andy & Dallas Wildman

Jeremy & Cara Johnson

Jeff & Diane Lee

Kathy Ford

Thomas and Wendy Miller

Bronze Level: $100-$249

Wesley & Francene Humble 

Ben & Kim Specht

Robert & Sharon Kees 

Dean & Jessica Busack

Charlie Laidlaw-Smith

Carl & Bobbi Covey

Joe & Nancy McDonough 

Ralph Ottensmeier

Lance & Sabrina Poling 

Maria McDermott

Michael & Ashley Leman 

Dawn Egelston & Mike Schmidt 

Kris & Michael Whiting

Renee & Scott Mortimer

Jeff & Kara Litle

Carlo & Janice LoRaso

Dan & Laura Rees

Michelle & Noah Forni

Jill & Gene Schachte

Robin & Dan Gibson

Kristin Yearling

Tom Bunyard

The Wallace Family

Rusty & Stephanie Roof

The Harms Family

Erin Cox

Donald Benjegerdes

Sean & Erin McCarthy

Maria Hurley

Ashley McCracken

Todd & Katie Belt

Seth & Lucy Chin-Parker

David Litle

Brad & Melissa Betts

Doug & Becky Flora

Kevin & Bobbi Jo Finley & Family

Philip & Connie Smith

The Noth Family

Dan & Mary Ellen Hare

Pamela Hooker

Earlene and Bill Corbin


Friend Level: $50-$99

Brian & Shelley Carr

Robert & Jennifer Weis

Rebecca & Dan Homan

Jessi Hannig

Laura Kurtz 

Mechelle Miller

The Hussey Family

Tanya & Quentin Hedges Duroy 

Don & Jill Andrews

David & Cathy Stansbury

Jordan and Cecile Katz

James Boomershine

Jeff & Niki Brown

Anne Weinberg

Woody & Sue Lilly

David & Lisa Wade

Scott Heichel

Kevin & Reagan Turner 

Sandra Doty

Angie & Greg Keeler

Joseph Mangine

Beth & Doug Spieles 

Ann & Bill MacDonald

Justin & Sandra Lodge

Kelly George

Sarah & Bob Chambers

Mike & Tracey Voorhis

Michael Brady

Brenna Stultz

Members: $25-$49

Jackie Chico

Samantha Ingle

Tasha Gee

John Paro

Keith & Christie Pappas

The Shoaps Family

Angie Lintner

Brad & Angie Carson

Connie Skinner

 Chad & Jen Phillips

The Rose Family

Ryan & Kristi Kirkham

John Kronk

Dawn Vujevic & James Housteau

Helene Pawlikowski 

Bob & Char Donelan

Jim & Teri Niedermeyer

Bill & Stephanie Knobeloch 

Ryan & Kristi Kirkham

Jill McKinney

Danielle Koehler

Maureen Clark

Maxine Montgomery

Judy Johnson

The Worrell Family


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