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We'd love you to become a Granville Arts Boosters Supporting Member!

Annual Membership coincides with the GEVSD school year. 

Click the donate button or scanthe QR code to donate.

Thank you to our Supporting Members


current as of 11/27/23


Platinum Level: $1000 or more

Gregory & Barb Helwig

Thomas & Wendy Miller Family

Mike and Jane Rodgers

Ryan and Tandi Squire

Mike and Kristen Yearling


Kip Payne

Gold Level: $500-$999

The Charlton Family

The Asman Family

Kathleen Heffron

Andy & Chrissy Schall

The Priano Family

The Mullett Family

Stephanie & Craig Potaracke

Isabelle & Andy Thatcher

Ross Bloomberg

Jyoti & Brian O’Keefe

Silver Level: $250-$499 

Ann & Bill MacDonald

Dean & Jessica Busack

The Kronk Family

The Shapiro Family

Scott & Wendy Emery

Kristin & Pat McGonagle

Barbara Fultner

Jennifer Schehl 

The Wildman Family

The Breidigan Family

The Schenk Family

Brandon & Kim Mathis

Kathy & Ken Katona

Josh Rhodes

Larry & Betsy Moore

Bronze Level: $100-$249

The Stultz Family 

Shelley Predieri

The Chico Family

Kevin & Lisa Holtsberry

Jennifer Graham

Dan & Mary Ellen Hare 

The Shinka Family

Kimberly Munoz

Wendy & Ed Bittel

Robert & Jennifer Weis

Kevin & Betsey Hampton

Aaron & Courtney Van Ostran

Laura & Jeff Kurtz

Ralph Ottensmeier

Jennifer Graham

Virginia Wood

Scott & Michelle Gray

The Breidigan Family

Michael & April Crum

Frances and Denny Ehrmin

Cory & Melissa Hann

John & Nancy Wilson

Stephanie & Jesse Geiger

Susan Koske

Elisabeth WIlson

Todd & Katie Belt

The Finely Family 

Charlie & Jill Dixon

Darren Jordan

Darci Jordan

Friend Level: $50-$99

Chad & Jackie Wright

Bill & Jennifer Stewart

Justin & Sandra Lodge

The Stewart Family

Jacque Montgomery

Members: $25-$49

Many employers have matching funds, or volunteer hour donation programs.


Please check with your employer to see whether they will match your charitable contribution. 

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