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We'd love you to become a Granville Arts Boosters Supporting Member!

Annual Membership coincides with the GEVSD school year; scroll down for electronic submittal.

Click here for printable form or simply Scan the QR code below to donate.

Thank you to our Supporting Members

current as of 04/26/23

Platinum Level: $1000 or more

John and Natalie Malishenko

Thomas & Wendy Miller Family
Greg & Erin Bossart

Eric & Cynthia Prokop

Mike and Jane Rodgers

Ryan and Tandi Squire

Mike and Kristen Yearling

Gold Level: $500-$999

Melinda Miller & Tim O'Connor Fraser

Isabelle & Andy Thatcher

The Harms Family

David & Stacy Dickson

Amy Wagner

Kathleen Heffron

Andy & Chrissy Schall

Steve Priano

The Mullett Family

Silver Level: $250-$499 

Brandon & Kim Mathis

The Shapiro Family

Scott & Wendy Emery

Kristin & Pat McGonagle

Barbara Fultner

Jeff Bates

Brian O'Keefe

Kirk & Emily Smith

The Kronk Family

Kathy & Ken Katona

Paul Hammond & Tracee Laing

Patrick & Danielle Ford

The McCracken Family

The Wildman Family

Fred & Suzanne Coastaschuk

Sean & Erin McCarthy

The Breidigan Family

Rebecca Kennedy

The Schenk Family

Bronze Level: $100-$249

Charlie & Jill Dixon

Ann & Brady Burt

Kevin & Lisa Holtsberry

Kelley Weller


The Shinka Family

The Petersheim Family

Bronze Level: $100-$249

Robert & Jennifer Weis

Dan & Mary Ellen Hare

Robert & Sharon Kees

Melinda Bates

Jack & Karen Deihl

David & Jill Litle

Richard & Beth Long

Kevin & Betsey Hampton

Melissa & Cory Hann

Dean & Jessica Busack

Laura & Jeff Kurtz

Ralph Ottensmeier

Ann & Bill MacDonald

Jessi & Scott Hannig

The Stultz Family

The Mortimer Family

Jordan & Cecile Katz

Dan & Angela Katona

Harold & Jen Silverman

Nadine Beichler

Rachel & Mark Mitton-Fry

Friend Level: $50-$99

Joe & Teresa Coffey

Karen Cowie

Focus Counseling Clinic

The Pastiva Family

Megan Henderson

Kevin & Amara Camarata

Ceciel Shaw

Bill & Jennifer Stewart

Justin & Sandra Lodge

Lisa Steele

Allison Fitzenreiter

Tracey Voorhis

Elizabeth Cook

Members: $25-$49

Aaron & Courtney Van Ostran


Steven Montgomery

The Goodmans

Ryan & Kristi Kirkham

Conni Skinner

Nick & Theresa Hammond

Stephanie Calondis Geiger

Alyssa Rowe

Step 1:

Please fill out the information below, then follow to step two.

Membership Form

To join, please take the time to fill out the information below.

I would like to be a Arts Booster supporting member by contributing the following amount:

Step 2:

Make a tax deductible donation via PayPal using link below to confirm your membership. 

Please check with your employer to see whether they will match your charitable contribution. 

Many employers have matching funds, or volunteer hour donation programs.

Click here for a printable form

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