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Granville Bands Update

If you don’t already, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@granvillebands) to see the regular happenings in the band world. As we are very sad to lose the typical end-of-the-year celebrations, we are doing our best to honor and recognize the amazing seniors from the class of 2020. We have posted a few “virtual band” performances and a few videos to recognize our concert dates as they pass. Be sure to check them out and offer as much support as you can to each of our band students.

As many of you may be aware, we had commissioned a brand new piece of music set to premiere this year at our spring concert. As the concert date has already come and gone, you can see that we had to postpone the premiere until next school year when we have proper opportunity. The piece was written for the Granville High School Band by Benjamin Dean Taylor to honor the graduating band class of 2020. It is titled “And May We Always Cherish,” which is from the lyrics to our GHS alma mater.  As the piece was written with great attention to the class of 2020, we are sad that they will not be a part of the band that premiers the composition, but we hope to involve them in some way. Once premiered by our band, the piece will be published and made available to band programs around the world.

We are now excited that marching band sign-ups are underway. Check out the video at this link to get excited with us, and log on to Schoology with your child to find out all the details for how to sign up. Of course, like many others, we are consistently waiting more information and guidance as we attempt to plan and navigate the summer and fall. However, the important thing is getting signed up so you receive all of the communications as we learn more. If you haven’t heard yet, the Memorial Day and July 4th parades have been cancelled and therefore the marching band will not have any commitments until mid-July (as of now). All marching band dates that are currently set can be found at this link:

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